Crane Container
INTERSHIP’s philosophy has always been to offer our customers a personalized and a reliable service, assisting international and domestic companies with their cargo needs efficiently and cost effectively.

• Security: With only one (1) gate, our Terminal offers the best security in the San Juan waterfront for all our customers’ cargo. Our Terminal is certified by Federal agencies and our security is complemented throughout the Terminal by various 24/7 surveillance close caption cameras and our own security guards.

Dangerous Cargo - Terminal is certified by the USCG in order to handle HAZMAT, including 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and 5.1 cargos (special procedures may apply).

Containers Inspections - By handheld devices are immediately transmitted to our systems to obtain real time inventories.

Customer Services: Our Customer Services Department manages and provides solutions to all type of situations related to: imports, exports, dispatch, insurance policies, storage, and equipment rental, among others. It serves consignees, shippers, maritime lines, agencies, truckers, and public in general with the upmost care, avoiding intermediaries.

Since the opening of the department our customer service has improved dramatically and our clients are more than pleased due to the immediately solutions to the situations that may arise, since our goal is the optimization of our services throughout an effective canalization of the human and equipment readily available.

Reefer Rack Services
480 plugs & 230 Power Plants
EDI Transmissions - You can currently download from our website x12.315, x12.322, x12.324 EDI reports, or upon request and proper coordination, we can automatically upload your headquarters database with the same. We are also open to specific EDI transmissions request projects depending on our client needs.

Agency Terminal System (ATS) – A recently created tool where the line can remotely search for containers and booking numbers to see their whereabouts, see approval of bookings, place on hold or remove hold on containers, as well as delivery or approval of your containers.

INTERSHIP offers its customers the following:
    • Stevedoring & Terminal Operations
    • Computerized Documentation EDI Ready
    • Customer Service
    • X-Ray Container Inspection
    • Security 24/7
    • Drug Free Policy
    • Warehousing facilities
    • USCG Dangerous Cargo Facilities
       & Security Plan
    • USCBP Radiation Portals Monitors
    • ISPS Compliance
    • CTPAT Certification
    • OSHA Partnership